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Bring Onye to Your Community!

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with African Master Drummer, Composer, Recording Artist
Dance, Drum, and Listen with Onye!
““Drumming with Onye is not just a music lesson, but an experience of the heart, mind and spirit.
He evokes self-discovery, spiritual renewal, joy for life and a deep sense of community.” Rose Welch
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The Rhythms of Spiritual Healing
workshop with Onye Onyemaechi, African Christian Mystic, Healer & Visionary

Discover how spiritual healing practices, applied rhythm and dance can awaken clarity, power, and new possibilities for a more joyful life. Reclaim the lost connection to soul, the wisdom of the heart, and use your understanding to overcome life challenges, impasses, and fears. Through the grace of this work, insight awakens, hearts open, spirits expand, and new and richer possibilities appear.
The workshop is terrific for individuals who are seeking spiritual community, and also for healing professionals, caregivers, and other family members who are looking for additional resources they can bring to their clients, patients, and kin.

“I watched individuals shift with Onye’s touch, appear to exit their bodies… most appeared to me to be experiencing a rebirthing.” L.W.
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Healing Ministry
and Prophetic Guidance

Individual and Group Sessions
“A dear friend was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I immediately took her to Onye; I felt a powerful wave of healing energy. Her life changed dramatically after that, and she credits Onye with saving her life.” John, Petaluma, CA

Onye was raised in an African Christian tradition. A mystic, healer, and visionary, Onye has a profound capacity to see into reality and discern what’s needed to bring healing and transformation. His prayers have brought about miracles. He shares the teachings and joy of Christ’s healing ministry.“Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in me shall do the works which I do, even greater than these things he shall do…” (John14:12).

Onye’s prophetic gifts also make him a dynamic counselor. He brings profound clarity and spiritual insights to his work with individuals. He is able to see the imprint that past thoughts, decisions, and relationships have left on an individuals’ soul memory, and determine from that what is needed to foster “healing and liberation from the past, thereby opening the heart and soul to the healing grace of God.” “During our time together,” says Onye, “I am also working in the Divine Realm. My prayers for you continue even after you leave our meeting.”
Step 1: Book Onye Onyemaechi for an extended or one-day workshop and/or a dance/drum concert.
Step 2: Arrange for individuals to schedule personal sessions for prophetic guidance from Onye.