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Interview by Dave Klein in Vibrance Magazine (4 page pdf)

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Onye has spent decades spreading the uplifting experience of spiritualized dance, music and ancient wisdom to audiences throughout the USA and Europe.
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Onye has taught at many prestigious educational institutions, spiritual groups and churches.
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Bring an African-style drumming celebration to your community

February 9, 5:49 PMFiftysomething Lifestyle ExaminerAmy Wachspress

Village Rhythms
Lift your spirits with an old-fashioned community drumming and dancing celebration. Times are tough and it’s easy to become dejected, depressed, and disillusioned. A terrific antidote to the miasma of negativity is a celebratory gathering, and nothing does it like dancing and making music. Drumming is such a simple musical opportunity that participants of many ages and abilities can join in and become one with the beat and the drumming circle. Or become one with those dancing to the drumming. Forming a drumming circle and dancing to the drum beat is an ancient stress reliever, community-builder, celebration, healing tool, and all-around good time. If you want to bring an inspiring drummer to your school, library, event, or community, then consider the talents of Onye Onyemaechi, an African drummer living in Santa Rosa. Create your own village celebration with Onye, who will take you on a joyous and soulful drumming journey that will pour the good energy into your heart. Find out more at Village Rhythms.
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The Bleeping Herald

The peak event of the conference, for me, was the “Village Rhythm Experience” lead by Onye Onyemaechi. This was a mix of drumming, trance dance, meditation, letting go, prayer, communion, community, and oneness like I have never experienced before. I found myself laughing and crying at the same time.