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Onye’s Inspiration

Through his African-Christian lineage, Onye is deeply connected to Jesus Christ, The Holy Mother Mary and The Holy Spirit. These guides are always with him and you can sense this upon meeting him. They come through his prayers, drumming and music, and guide his individual healing sessions.

Onye is particularly attuned to the Holy Mother Mary, the mother of all people. She is revered all over the world as the divine feminine form of love. Each culture gives praise to this unconditional, holy and infinite love. In Christianity, masses are held around the world on December 12th to celebrate the Holy Mother’s glory. In many countries, pilgrimages to her shrines pay homage to her holiness. The appearance of The Mother is recorded everywhere in the world and stories of her infinite healing power abound.
In a healing, Onye becomes the holy servant of theses loving divine energies and they are called forth to surround each participant and Onye as he works.

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Onye's village church in Nigeria